Why Hire A Makeup Artist

There are so many things around that are available at the reach of the hand, so sometimes one really asks herself – why would I hire a makeup artist. After all, any woman can simply go to the nearest M.A.C. or Sephora and have their makeup done by a trained makeup artist. So why bother?

As always, the answer is – it depends. Of course, if you don’t mind being constantly sales-pitched about each and every product your makeup artist is using, if you don’t mind crowd around you and if you don’t really care about the end result – sure thing, you can even go to Macy’s. However, if the end result is what you are after, if you are not just getting a makeup for a sake of having a makeup, if you really care about the way you will look later then hiring a makeup artist becomes a must. Think fast-food vs. high-class restaurant. Think no-name sneakers vs. Prada shoes.

Let’s not talk about wedding makeup for a moment. Let’s talk about a big party where you supposed to look your best. Booking a professional makeup artist will not just give you an hour of one-on-one with a highly trained specialist, but also will give you his or her undivided attention. Your makeup artist will have a chance to examine your skin, pick the best product she has in her kit – not the one she might want to sell to you later. In most cases she will use products from different manufacturers – something she would be plain not allowed to do in brand-name store. If you are a kind enough client – she might even share what combination of products would be best for your skin and save you a ton of money on your own trial and error. Makeup artists work with hundreds of clients. They try thousands of different products. A makeup artist might suggest a product that is cheaper and better than the one you’re using. She has no incentive to sell you anything but her service, so those recommendations alone usually worth more that you would pay for a makeup.

And the result would speak for itself when other guests would compliment you on the way you look – and this time around you would actually see that they mean it. After all, looking your best at any party always pays for itself because you feel more self-confident and attractive.